The last words spoken to the founders of this monastery remain forever engraved in their hearts: “Now is the time to do the impossible, you must do the impossible to establish oases of the faith, where the true spirit of the Church can be found. It is your duty to persevere in the true Faith. The impossible must be done to establish this Monastery.” (Among the last writings of Archbishop Lefebvre, extract from a personal letter to Fr. Cyprian, March 1991)


    With this small taste of the magnanimous spirit that guided the entire career of Archbishop Lefebvre, the monks of this monastery as well as the other religious houses scattered throughout the world have responded to this voice of the sensus Ecclesiæ, the sense, the instinct and the mind of the Church, to do with certitude, to do now what the Church, quod ubique et semper, has always and everywhere done in times of crisis. (The criterion of the true faith, St. Vincent of Lerins Commonitorium.)


    In this spirit of faith, confirmed by the teaching Magisterium of the holy popes of the recent past who warned the entire world of an upcoming crisis unprecedented and unequalled in magnitude, monasteries of Tradition have received the Archbishop’s blessing and encouragement to come into existence. History thus repeats itself, the actions of a holy pope and a saintly archbishop being but the repeated interventions of Divine Providence working through worthy intermediaries, to guide the Church in the turbulent times of crisis.