At the Monastery:


Sunday Masses: 9:30 AM High Mass

confessions before Mass


Weekday Masses: 6:40 AM Low Mass & 9:30 AM High Mass


Holy Days of obligation: 9:30 AM High Mass

& 6:00 PM Low Mass - confessions before both Masses


At Terrazas Funeral Chapel, Silver City

1 Fort Bayard Rd., Santa Clara, NM 88026 (575)-537-0777

Sunday Mass: 9:00 AM High Mass

confessions before Mass.

Please call for Holy Days of Obligation schedule.




Inclement Weather Mass Schedule

Please call for time of Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of

Obligation during periods of inclement weather, or if you need transportation:

(575) 538-3231 or (575) 654-0274.

Please feel free to call for an update on road conditions at the Monastery.