‚Äč     2 - Knowledge of Self (3 days)     We have to convince ourselves of our misery and helplessness.    - Prayers for each day: Litany of the Holy Ghost; the Ave, Maris Stella; and the Litany of St. Joseph.    - Petition: Knowledge of and love for St.Joseph    - Reading: 2 Chapters each day: 1st day St. Matt 24 and 25; 2nd day St. Lk 11 and 13; 3rd day St. Lk 17 and 18.    - Spiritual exercises:    1. Do one act of obedience each day in honor of St. Joseph    2. Do one act of humility each day in honor of St. Joseph    3. Pray one Rosary each day in honor of Mary and Joseph in front of their images.    (We must understand that we can do nothing good of ourselves; and that we need Mary and Joseph to be humble, obedient, and pleasing to God.)