5 - Knowledge of Our Lord Jesus Christ (3 days)


     We have to apply ourselves to the meditation and study of Christ. First the man-God, His grace and glory; then His rights to sovereign dominion over us; since, after having renounced Satan and the world, we have taken Jesus Christ for our "Lord". Also we have to meditate and study upon His exterior actions and His interior life; namely, the virtues and acts of His Most Sacred Heart; His association  with Mary and Joseph in the mystery of the Incarnation, and during His private and public life.


- Prayers for each day: Litanies to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to the Blessed Virgin and to St.Joseph.


- Petition: Ask Our Lord for an increase in the love of God and the grace of a perfect and total consecration to His most sacred Heart by the hands of Mary and Joseph.


- Reading: From the Gospel of St. John the following chapters: 1st day 13-17; 2nd day 18-21; 3rd and last day from the book "True devotion to Mary" read numbers 60 to 67.


- Spiritual exercises:

1. Do each day one act of faith, hope and charity in honor of the most Holy Family.

2. Go to confession or on the day of your consecration.

3. Pray one Rosary each day in honor of Mary and Joseph in front of their images.


(Realize that the end of the present consecration is to belong, in the most perfect way possible to Our Lord Jesus Christ by using the most perfect means: Mary and Joseph; for, they are now at our disposal as the greatest treasures of grace, given to us by Our Lord Himself. And in the same proportion that we be truly and completely consecrated to Mary and Joseph, they, in turn, will be able to establish their presence in our soul in a more perfect way. Belonging completely to Mary and Joseph is how we will be able to belong completely to Jesus in the most perfect way. Amen.)


*** The day of our consecration we should receive Holy Communion.

The consecration should be done, if possible, after Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.